Seeds of Transformation Planted

Over 100 congregations gathered at 18 sites with more than 400 people in attendance at the first Hope in the Heartland Day of Discovery, February 2nd, 2019. It was a full day of learning, interaction, sharing, and truly discovering so very many reasons to be hopeful about what God is up to in our midst. Small congregations are vital communities of faith connecting people to God, each other, and the world in ways that matter in daily life!

A big thanks to Pastor Nancy Nyland and many others who crafted this day and took care of the details to facilitate a meaningful experience. Prayers of thanksgiving that technology enabled us to gather as so many together across great distance.

The best part…Each congregation took time at the end of the day to sketch out a plan of how they will “rent” ideas and resources and seek to create openings for the Holy Spirit to work transformation in big and small ways. We can’t wait to share stories of how these plans are being put into action and what is growing as a result.

The soil is being prepared, seeds are being planted, we trust God to bring forth growth in us and through us. Now we get to work! How is hope growing in your midst?

Here are some pictures of the start of it all!

Hope is Alive

In the midst of great changes in the world around us, what is giving you living hope?

God’s Spirit is breathing new vitality into rural congregations! The inspiring book Discovering Hope: Building Vitality in Rural Congregations shares what 26 effective rural congregations have to say about God’s activity in and through them. Through these stories, we can explore the best practices for vital ministry and identify action steps for our own settings.

On our February 2nd day of discovery and partnership, your congregation’s Hope in the Heartland team will zero in on our source of hope–Jesus and his resurrection promise. You will be inspired by accounts of hope from around the Heartland. You will be witnesses to signs of this hope in your own life and in your congregation. You will make plans to act on this hope and move boldly into the future God promises the Church!

…God has given us a new birth into a living hope through the resurrection of Jesus… — 1 Peter 1:3